Two Kinds of People Promoting Frameworks

George Box once said “all models are wrong, some are useful.”

A paraphrase of that could be “all frameworks are wrong, some are useful.”

Some people take that to mean that comparing frameworks makes no sense since they all are wrong. That it’s up to the people using them to make the best of them.

Unfortunately, this takes away incentive to continuously improve a framework. Instead, we see a justification to accept a framework as is.

Another group of people take it to mean “my framework is not as good as it can be, I’m going to strive for it to be more useful.” This attitude incorporates a sense of responsibility for the framework – one of looking to see how it can be used and misused and working to improve both.

Attend to the attitude of the people promoting frameworks. That will tell you a lot about whether you will be on your own with it or if those promoting it will be there to help you with improving it.

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