Dispel disbelief in order to learn

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

― Epictetus

Everything you hear goes through your filters – that is how you view the world.

When you hear something new, you will often think it’s wrong – simply because it doesn’t match your past views. This is a sense-making action and it is useful. It is useful to be able to quickly make sense of things. 

But when new ideas are presented, it’s important to consider that maybe there is some truth to them that doesn’t match your current thinking.  To get the new ideal past your filter, it’s important to dispel belief – which may be stopping you from considering what’s been said.


Kicking off my daily blog

This post kicks off my daily blog.

My intention of these blogs is to provide you with snippets of thoughts that you can read daily and that you will find useful.

I’ll start by mentioning one of my favorite quotes:

Edgar Schein said – “we don’t think and talk about what we see, we are only able to see what we think and talk about.”

It means that if we limit what we talk about we’re also limiting what we can see.

Be aware of getting into echo chambers where people only talk about something in a particular way.

Make sure you’re thinking and talking with people in different spheres so you can see what you need to – both what you need to know, and what you need to realize you’re wrong about.