Creating Engagement By Taking Responsibility

#AmplioInspiration #2.

Many Scrum Masters before Amplio Value Coach Workshop:

“I don’t have a problem with Scrum’s immutability. It just points out that people aren’t doing Scrum. That’s fine if that’s what they want to do. Just don’t call it Scrum. If they’re not motivated enough or haven’t read the Guide it’s not my fault. I explained to them that Scrum only uncovers their impediments and doesn’t help solve them. That it is purposefully incomplete and that they’d have to fill in the gaps themselves. ”

Scrum Masters AFTER the Amplio Value Coach Workshop

“I’m not going to give up on them just because they aren’t doing Scrum. I want to know why.”

“Maybe it’s a lack of knowledge – What do they need to know? How do I accelerate their learning?”

“Maybe it’s just too difficult – Is there an easier way to get better results?”

“Maybe it’s a lack of motivation – I need to present them the ‘why’”

“Maybe Scrum isn’t suited here – I need to challenge the assumptions we’ve made. I’m not worried about following Scrum, I’m concerned about getting value to our stakeholders.”

By providing the science of Agile, Scrum Masters can better guide their team.

The shift is from making the team figure things out by merely guiding with the Scrum events and the Scrum Master knowing what to do and accelerating the speed at which the team discovers it themselves.

It shifts Scrum from being a passive framework to being a learning and guiding platform.

Ask me about the workshop if interested.

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